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At Clergy Image, we strive to offer women professional, stylish, and comfortable clergy wear at an affordable price.  With Shirts and Dresses in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, we have something to meet everyone's needs.

We have a few Red Bamboo Short Sleeve shirts but no other garments are available in Red Bamboo. However, most garments are available in Red Cotton. Our Reformation Celebration is still underway - we're donating $2 to the Campaign for the ELCA for every Red garment ordered between now and Reformation Day! Plus you could win a $95 Gift Certificate for sharing on social media and following us on Twitter and Instagram.

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At Clergy Image, we understand that women have different shapes and sizes. So we work from your measurements to ensure the best fit possible. Your measurements, notes about specific adjustments, contact information and previous orders will be stored in your account making the information easily accessible to both you and us.

Our garments are semi-custom. You choose the sleeve length, fabric, color, collar style and collar size. To build your own garment, simply choose a Product from the menu bar and select your options from the drop-down menus.

• • • • • You will need an account to build a garment! • • • • •

If this is your first time with Clergy Image, the Gallery is a great place to see pictures of our garments. And if our models look familiar, it’s because you may know them. Most of the pictures are our customers in their own garments. In fact, we’d love to add your picture in your favorite clergy image garment to the Gallery!

If you encounter any problems using this site, please email orders@clergyimage.com, and we can process your order manually. You can use the same address to share feedback on our website.

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